For safe, fast and easy movement to and from balconies, basements, mezzanines and between floors, Material Lifts (VRC) are the ideal answer. They are equipped with excellent safety features to provide complete protection to materials and people. Material Lifts can be installed either inside or outside a building with minimum hassle. They require little maintenance and provide the same excellent service for years.

Material Lifts are cost-effective, reliable and efficient. They are a must for factories, warehouses, construction sites and any other place that needs to carry heavy inventory on a regular basis. Ensure the safety and convenience of workers by installing a Material Lift. There is never a bad time for bringing improvements to your work area.

  • Various styles of goods lifts can be manufactured to suit mostbudgets and requirements
  • For use in warehousing where a mezzanine floor needs to be accessed or a retail application where loading bays may be on different levels from the products final destination
  • Simple 3 button operation: call, send and emergency stop
  • Hydraulic goods lifts create increased reliability and minimised maintenance costs
  • The landing gates and car gates are electro-mechanically interlinked with the unit so that if one of these is open the lift will not operate
  • We have a wide range of finishes for our clients to choose from
  • We manufacture our lifts to meet all the relevant South African safety requirements

    Custom Designed to Meet Your Needs

    Whether you need to lift just one pound or up to 200, 000 pounds, Suchtech Elevator Company has a solution to fit your custom needs. Some industries that currently utilize Material Lifts:

    • Aircraft Manufacturers
    • Paper Plants
    • Foundries
    • Auto Assembly Plants
    • Automated Parking Garages
    • Shipping Ports