Electrical Engineering

We are versatile in the field of residential and commercial electrification, which involves the simple concept of wiring and electrification of our clients’ projects.

Residential projects that are part of our portfolio include:

  • group housing projects, malls and hospitality industry facilities
  • bespoke distribution systems of unique facilities
  • electrical installation HVAC systems, lifts and elevators, sanitation pumps, closed-circuit cameras, access systems/swipe cards and fire alarm systems
  • meter board installations
  • lighting plans and detailing layout for projects

Cable Jointing
Suchtech Engineering has well trained and experienced technicians able to execute virtually all types of cable jointing, regardless of size and voltage level. We also provide advice on the right cable jointing methods on faulty cables using cold shrinks and resin joint kits.

Electrical Motor Re-winding and Repairs
We are efficiently engaged in providing electric motor overhauling, repairing and re-winding services.