Transport Items Safely and Easily!
Suchtech Elevators Company can install a residential dumbwaiter to fit your needs. Our dumbwaiters can travel up to 35 feet, carrying capacity of up to 500 lbs. make up to four stops and operates on a standard 240V house current to name just a few of our many features available.

Commercial Dumpwaiters

In the commercial workplace, having a dumbwaiter is a necessity, not a luxury. Commercial Dumbwaiters provide the most useful, elegant and convenient way to move heavy and delicate items up and down floors. Whether it is laundry, furniture, food items, boxes or any other kind of material, you can effortlessly transport it to different floors. Dumbwaiters save time, provide safety to items transported and look stylish.

Suchtech Elevators can customize your Commercial Dumbwaiter to suit large and small spaces. Made from heavy-duty steel, they provide the same excellent service for years. With a Commercial Dumbwaiter, you feel the luxury of transporting materials with a push of a button.

Some Features of our Commercial Dumbwaiters
When you have Suchtech Elevators Company your Commercial Dumbwaiter, you can count on not only our professionalism and outstanding customer service, but also high quality products. Some features in our Commercial Dumbwaiters include:

Lifting distances up to 50 feet
Floor level or counter height loading
Equally suited for light or heavy loads
Stainless steel or primed finishes
Low cost installation
Minimum maintenance requirements
Dumb waiters are used for carrying small parcels, laundry, plates of food and/or dishes between floors
They can be manufactured in a range of finishes to suit both your budget and your décor.
The doors are electrically interlinked to the lift so they will not open unless the lift is at that particular level
A landing light system can also be installed so a waiter or bar tender is aware the lift has arrived
An intercom system can be installed for communication between the two floors
Our dumb waiters are hydraulically powered for increased reliability and minimal maintenance costs.
A simple two button operation, call and send..

Residential Dumpwaiters

Carrying items up and down your stairs can be back breaking and time consuming. Residential Dumbwaiters provide you with easy transportation of delicate and heavy items such as tableware, food, laundry, firewood etc.apart from reducing work load, it also reduces the risk of injuries, mishandling of fine tableware and accidents.

Residential dumbwaiters are a perfect mixture of beauty and convenience. Having a dumbwaiter in your home improves the resale value of your property, adds style and elegance to your ambiance and increases convenience.

Customized Dumbwaiters fit perfectly to the interiors of your home. They are affordable, reliable and efficient. For a homeowner, installing a Residential Dumbwaiter home means comfort, beauty and peace of mind.

Suchtech Elevators Company has the solutions to fit all your needs, contact us today and find out how we can assist you.